Volunteer Positions and Descriptions

There are many different volunteer positions at the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic. All of them offer an opportunity to (a) apply your skills, (b) cultivate a deeper understanding of a specific patient population, and (c) acquire new competencies essential to the operation of a free clinic. Please note that volunteers do not need to have a medical or healthcare background – a broad range of individuals with a wide array of skills serve as volunteers in the Clinic.

The clinic depends on its volunteers. Over 140 individuals volunteer their time in two major areas: Health care and clinic support. Volunteers also serve in the medical director position and as board members and contribute to special projects.

As the Clinic is growing and changing, the number and breadth of volunteer contributions also are expanding. The wide variety of volunteer positions is presented in the following list. To become a part of something bigger than yourself, please consider applying for one of these positions. Our volunteers work from a spirit of compassion, eagerness, learning, and fraternity. They welcome you!

To get started download the Volunteer Application.

The expandable list below gives a general overview of many of our volunteer positions. The red title indicates immediate need. Click on each to get more info!


Providers lead the medical team in diagnosing and treating disease and illness. Responsibilities include clinical assessment, evaluation, and the development of treatment plans.


Nurses offer patient care and provider assistance. Patient education, treating patients, aiding in rehabilitation and providing advice and emotional support to patients and families are some responsibilities of nurse volunteers.

Lab Technicians

Lab Technicians collect specimens and perform laboratory tests that providers rely on to diagnose and treat patient. Responsibilities include accurate collection procedures and careful testing to ensure precise results.


Pharmacists fill and verify new medication orders and refills. Other responsibilities include counseling patients on the use of all medications dispensed from the free clinic, working in conjunction with the providers to recommend therapies for certain conditions, help to substitute non-formulary medications to medications currently available on formulary or available by patient assistant programs and seek out assistance programs to help patients obtain necessary medications.

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technicians assist the Dispensary Coordinator in preparing medications. Tasks include receiving medications from donors, pharmaceutical companies and vendors. They also prepare medication orders for distribution to patients, evaluate Patient Assistance Program (PAP) opportunities, stocking and processing inventory and working collaboratively with providers to facilitate medication accessibility and procurement.

Intake Coordinator volunteers

Intake Coordinator volunteers work with patients to verify patient eligibility for services and assess/refer patients to additional resources. Responsibilities include providing a confidential environment for patients, documenting patient information, and referring patients for additional resources.

Clinic Receptionists

Clinic Receptionists assist patients through the registration process. Managing patient charts, retrieving and recording patient information, creating new patient profiles, and scheduling patients for appointments as requested by staff are some of the responsibilities of receptionists.


Interpreters work with Spanish speaking patients and act as a conduit between patients and medical professionals by listening to the professional and orally translating information into a patient’s native language in layman’s terms.

Office Receptionists

Office Receptionists answer phones, take messages, file charts, and other office tasks during daytime hours.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistants support the work of the Executive Director, Office Manager and Clinic Director. Responsibilities include data entry, mailings, managing spreadsheets and other administrative tasks.

Janitorial/Cleaning volunteers

Janitorial/Cleaning volunteers provide regular janitorial assistance for Clinic facilities, or provide a group to do deep cleaning on a quarterly basis.

Special Project volunteers

Special Project volunteers assist clinic staff in short term projects such as the yearly raffle, open house or representing CVFC at community events

Technical Writers

Technical Writers assist management in writing documents that include protocols, promotional materials and grants.

Public Relations & Communications volunteers

Public Relations & Communications volunteers assist management in presenting the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic in a professional and timely manner, manage social sites and update website.


Greet and direct patients and monitor lobby area


Provide basic dental services such as fillings, extractions, and exams

Dental Assistant

Assist with any dental services and sterilization

Dental Hygienist

Provide routine dental hygiene services